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About Us

The SIGMA 3 Survival Systems store is designed to be the most comprehensive site for people looking for the highest quality survival and bushcraft gear they can possibly get. There are thousands of stores of other stores that offer low end survival gear and we don't plan to compete in that market. Our goal is to offer only professional grade equipment recommended from our full time survival instructors from all over the world.

SIGMA 3 Survival School is the largest and most comprehensive outdoor survival training school in the world! No one else comes close to the number of instructors, US satellite schools, and international locations. SIGMA 3 Survival Systems is our retail wing designed to provide gear for customers interested in taking our hardcore survival courses or doing expeditions of their own!

This isn't just junk gear that is thrown out there from varying distributors just to have a comprehensive site. And we don't care about our margins or profit! The only thing that matters is that we have the best of the best survival gear!

Survival gear is one of the most important decisions a person can make when traveling into the backcountry or going to dangerous locations. You never know when the weather will change or disaster will strike. There is so many things that can happen to you when traveling in remote wilderness locations, you must have an insurance policy for your life. That insurance policy is the survival gear you choose to carry! Whether you find yourself lost in the woods or in a SHTF scenario, your gear can sometimes mean life and death.

SIGMA 3 Survival teaches you how to survive with nothing but your knife for an indefinite amount of time. But once you have those skills, you always want to improve your efficiency and time management by carrying good gear. It just makes your outdoor trips that much more enjoyable. Survival is a calories game and being efficient in your ability to complete bushcraft tasks is largely determined by the effectiveness of your survival gear. You want to carry tools, clothing, and equipment that will make you more comfortable in the backwoods. 

No other site in the world can you be in direct contact with full time survival instructors that will help you navigate the complicated gear world. We appreciate your business and we will strive to prove to you that we have the best customer service and products in the industry.

Thanks for your support of SIGMA 3 and our mission to expand self reliance training centers all over the world. Planting the seed of Self-Reliance, one customer at a time! Semper Paratus!