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ATTN:  There is a significant waiting period for each Weatherwool product. The backorder wait period could be until January 2020. Pl...

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ATTN:  There is a significant waiting period for each Weatherwool product. The backorder wait period could be until January 2020. Please be aware of this before placing your order.

*There may be a considerable wait time on shipping depending on availability of sizes and colors chosen. These are shipped directly from manufacturer and SIGMA 3 is limited to available stock on hand at WeatherWool. Contact Us, if you questions regarding sizes and wait time.

If you are on a budget and can't afford both the WeatherWool Anorak and pants, then we suggest you start with the Anorak. It has much more versatility and uses for bushcraft and will be your most used item by far. That being said, if you want the absolute warmest wool pants on the market, then these are your best bet. These pants are extremely warm and will keep you warm without base layer in almost any area of the country for most winter conditions. Since the fabric is soft enough to not need any long johns, then this will suit you just fine for most conditions. I have several other wool pants from cheaper manufacturers and the coarse fibers eventually rub my skin raw and cause chaffing after extended use in the field if I don't wear a base layer.

Please note:  FullWeight Pants are available in BLACK, DRAB, DUFF and LYNX Pattern.  MidWeight Pants are available in DRAB and LYNX Pattern. Most of the pictures here are FullWeight Pants, but FullWeight and MidWeight cannot be distinguished in pictures.   Depending upon what you order, we may have it in stock or we may have to make it. We recommend Mid-weight for most applications, unless the temperatures are extremely cold. The full-weight pants are extremely warm and can be too much for many conditions.

Both our FullWeight and MidWeight Pants are offered in even sizes from 30 through 44.  The Pants are actually cut about an inch larger than the marked size because you may want to tuck in a shirt, thermal top, maybe long johns.    Order your true waist size, and if that is an odd number, order the next larger even size.

The Pants are shipped with an unhemmed inseam of 35 inches.    We recommend you wear them a little bit, fold the cuffs up or pin them so that you are sure of the correct length prior to hemming. And if you do hem, we recommend you not cut off any extra fabric, just fold it inside.  Someday those Pants may be worn by someone with longer legs because these pants are built to last a lifetime. If a 35 inch inseam is not long enough for you, please let us know, we can make longer pants by special order. Also, if the Pants are longer than you need, you may find this extra length is not an issue at all so long as the cuffs do not fall under the heels of your boots. I've never minded some extra fabric gathering on the top of my boots. And the extra length will be appreciated when you sit or bend or crawl.

Both MidWeight and FullWeight Pants have the same design and features, the only difference is the fabric from which they are made. 

For more information on weatherwool fabric click here.

The Pants feature:

Wide Belt Loops (2 inches/5 cm) and Cinches at the sides.   The cinches will let you snug up the Pants by 2 inches or more.    What this means, for one example, is that if you have unusually large thighs but a small waist, you may want to consider going up a size, and should at least try on the larger size. Or, if you decide to add suspenders, you can adjust the waist to the size you prefer without using a belt.

Two generously-sized hand-warmer pockets. The handwarmer pockets are lined mostly with our FullWeight fabric but the bottom of the pockets is made of a wool-nylon blend.    We chose this dual construction because we wanted the warmth of Fullweight fabric near the top of the pockets, where you'd put your hands to warm them, but we wanted the toughness of the wool-nylon blend at the bottom of the pocket where it may be stressed and abraded by metallic items with corners.

Rear pocket on the right with zipper closure and flap that covers the zipper.

Cargo pockets on the thighs. The pockets are large, with bellows at the rear and at the bottom. The leading edge of the cargo pocket is sewn flat against the leg so the pockets won’t catch on brush. The cargo pockets are secured by zippers, and are covered by a flap with snaps. You can close the cargo pockets with the zipper or with one or both snaps, or even leave one or both cargo pockets completely open.

Doubled seat for extra warmth and water protection when sitting.

Extra-long front zipper

Gusseted crotch that permits huge freedom of movement

The FullWeight Pants weigh 3 pounds 7 ounces in 32 and 4 pounds 3 ounces for the size 44.

Please note:  the Pants are designed to be worn with a belt.   Without a belt, they may hang too low and restrict motion.

Most people will be fine wearing these Pants in below-freezing temperatures without long johns, although of course that will depend upon individual cold tolerance as well as level of activity. I can sit for a while in 20F/-7C, even in MidWeight Pants without longjohns, although I am unusually warm-blooded. People have told me they've worn FullWeight Pants, presumably with longjohns, in temps as low as -35F/-37C. These Pants, particularly the MidWeights, will also be comfortable at room temperature, and even hot weather, if you keep still and in the shade. When we exhibit WeatherWool at the various shows, we often wear WeatherWool Pants indoors, at room temperature, all day long.

As a demonstration of versatility, it will be tough to top this write-up we received from a gent who spent two weeks trekking Nepal in the MidWeight Pants.

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