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*Bill McConnel, sta...

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*Bill McConnel, star of Dual Survival, chooses Weather Wool Anorak's for trips to some of the most hostile cold environment locations in the world!

ATTN:  There is a significant waiting period for each Weatherwool product. The backorder wait period could be until January 2020. Please be aware of this before placing your order.

This is simply put the best damn wool anorak you can get on the market. Many of you will look at the price and be set back. Be assured that this is well within the price range of other high end wool manufacturers but the product is far superior to products such as King of the Mountain or other high end wool manufacturers.

What sets WeatherWool apart from other high end wool products?

This is the absolute best wool you can get on the planet because of its softness and extreme durability. The highly sought after Rambouillet wool is only sourced from farm that have the top 2% of all wool, and they don't use any polyethylene  tarps or bags on the whole farm and these farms are very rare to find. The reason that this is important is because wool fibers have a tendency to grab and keep any kind of material they touch, and if polyethylene products get mixed into the wool fibers there is no way to remove it. That will become a weak spot in the wool and may cause the wool to be easily damaged in that spot in the future. No other wool manufacturer that we know considers this a factor in sourcing their products because of the high cost of that wool. This makes the product material they do source much more expensive.

Rambouillet is the French variant of the more well-known Spanish Merino. Rambouillet fibers are a little thicker than typical Merino, and thickness helps to strengthen the fiber, making it more durable. Rambouillet Sheep have also been bred to have longer fiber than Merino, and longer fibers makes for stronger and more durable fabric.

WeatherWool’s fabric must be not only tough and weather-resistant, but also extremely comfortable to wear. Other makers of woolen outerwear use coarser wool than we do.   Cool and cold-weather outerwear mostly does not touch the skin, and so thicker, scratchier and cheaper wool is acceptable to the other guys. But WeatherWool is about extreme performance in severe conditions as well as extreme comfort in all conditions.    If we used typical outerwear fiber, we would need to use a liner in places where clothing tends to touch the skin, such as the neck and wrist. But if you spend a lot of time outdoors, you will get rained on.   And we require WeatherWool to be relatively impervious to rain. Wool does a good job in the rain, but the liners used by other wool makers are a disaster in wet weather. The liner materials, synthetic acetate usually, readily get wet, and constant contact with a soaked liner results in wool wicking water from the liner.  And even more unacceptable is that the liner will be essentially just a wet rag on the back of your neck and at your wrists, all places where you lose a lot of heat.

We chose Rambouillet Merino because Rambouillet fibers are longer and thicker than Spanish and Australian and New Zealand Merino. Our Rambouillet fibers are about 21 microns in thickness, whereas the traditional Merino is about 19 microns. The Rambouillet fiber is thin enough to be completely comfortable against face, neck and wrists but the extra thickness makes it considerably tougher than 19-micron Merino.    However, at WeatherWool our philosophy is to make the best we can figure out how to make. And another way to make fabric stronger and more durable and softer all at the same time is to use longer fibers. So, WeatherWool is made with the longest Rambouillet fiber that the spinning machines can handle.  That is, we have purchased our raw wool from growers whose flocks simply have extremely long fiber. And even then, we use only a fraction of the fleece. On any sheep, the best fibers are found on the back, the sides and the top of the head and neck. WeatherWool fabric is made from only the best fibers of each wool fleece, and only from the Rambouillet flocks with the best fleeces to begin with. It won’t surprise anyone that the finest woolens can only be made from the most select wool and that the most select wool is also the most expensive.

Weather-resistance can also be enhanced by the employment of the finer weaving techniques.  WeatherWool is woven on a Jacquard Loom, which creates a thicker fabric, a truly 3-dimensional fabric that sheds rain and wind and insulates much better than a cheaper flat weave employed by other wool manufacturers.

*Every single part of this Anorak is sourced and made in the USA! 

Buttons: One of the main things we have noticed with most wool outdoor products is that they use traditional stitching in buttons and that style of stitching has major durability issues. Weather Wool products only use slot buttons, which essential means that your buttons won't pop off because they are secured with straps instead of stitching. Most other products on the market use traditional stitching and those will always eventually break and pop off.

Pockets: At the top you have a chest pocket that will easily fit your cell phone or other important items. The kangaroo pockets is deeper in the middle and higher on the sides so that your important items don't fall out. Right behind the kangaroo pocket is a small concealed pocket listed in greater detail below.

Ventilation: When wearing such a heavyweight wool fabric, it is very important that you have options for letting extra heat out so that you don't sweat and get your base layers wet. This Wool Anorak has more ventilation options than any other we have seen on the market. The side zips are what we like best at SIGMA 3, because that enables us to let all our heat out when moving on difficult hikes when heat builds quickly.

Softness: The quality of this wool is not like other outdoor products on the market because unlike other wool products, you can wear this directly on your skin without irritation. The softness of the wool is more like a fine suit jacket and can be worn around town as well as the woods. This isn't just a product for survival and bushcraft, you can wear this to any event you like and look really stylish. These same wool products are sold in high end stores such as Sak's fifth avenue for 3 times the price and rich city dwellers love the feel of it for a third what they would normally pay for wool of this quality. This same type of wool is used in $2000 suit jackets for high end retailers.

Stitching: Military grade non cotton fibers are the only thing used in this product. Many high end wool manufacturers such as King of the Mountain use cotton threads, which will soak up water in wet conditions and cause cold spots. It also has a much higher tensile strength and far great durability, so that you don't end up having stray threads after years of use.

Inner Pocket:

The inside pocket of the Anorak is directly behind the outer main pocket, so the inner pocket is invisible from the outside.

The inner pocket measure 8 inches by 8 inches (20 cm x 20 cm), and the zippered opening is 6 inches (15 cm) long.

The inner pocket has a vertically oriented zipper so contents won't spill out if you flip up the front of the Anorak when the zipper is open, as shown here.

The pictured Anorak is made from our FullWeight DUFF Fabric.   Depending on the light, both DUFF and DRAB seem to almost change color, easily blending into natural settings.

This pocket comes in handy for storing your firestarters, phone, and other bushcraft equipment.


*Tom Brown 3, one of the worlds most well known survival experts, will only wear weather wool and has sold all his other high end wool products. He highly recommends this product for the worst of survival conditions. Former lead instructor of Tracker School, and currently the owner of Earth Village Education (top notch survival school in VA).

Colors Available: Duff (Brown), Olive Drab, Lynx (like military desert marpat)


Here are the measurements of our Anorak, in inches.   Please note these are not the measurements of the wearer, but the measurements of the garment.    So, for example if your chest measures 48 inches, you will want an XL ... or even a 2XL if you really want room to layer underneath the Anorak.








CHEST (1" below armhole)







BOTTOM SWEEP (bottom circumference)

43 1/2

45 1/2

47 1/2

50 1/2

53 1/2

56 1/2

SLEEVE LENGTH (from bone at base of neck))


35 3/4

36 1/2

37 3/8

38 1/4

39 1/8

BODY LENGTH (center of back))


32 1/2


33 1/2


34 1/2



18 1/2


19 3/4

20 1/2

21 1/4

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I want to become brand ambassador


There are key pieces of clothing and tools that you always seem to gravitate to time and time again, close to perfect in purpose, quality and design and I suspect this will be one of them. The only thing I notice that has changed in the fabric is it has taken on a rougher texture than the smooth feel upon arrival, but I’m sure some natural pilling is normal. Thanks Weatherwool for a stellar product and thanks to Signa 3 survival for outstanding service. I think I’ll be selling most of my other wool gear to fund another one maybe in XL drab.

Great Gear, Great Service

Fantastic product that's very well made! Great customer service with excellent communication. Very happy to recommend the guys at Sigma and of course Ralph at weather wool. Looking forward to testing it here in England! Many thanks Brian!